Vegan Folded Brekky Egg

Now obviously, this isn’t like the best fake-egg ever, but it’s pretty damn good for how easy it is! IT IS SO EASY. 5 INGREDIENTS, PEOPLE! Inspired by JUST Egg’s new ‘folded-eggs’ which look AMAZING for all eggy brekky sandwiches, but sadly, unavailable in Australia. YES. I’m sure I could get super fancy with mung […]

Vegan Eggs Benedict

OH BOY did I used to LOVE Eggs Benedict. Oh man oh my. This recipe is ALL about the hollandaise sauce! I am so happy with the result and it is WICKED (if i do say so myself!). I know a lot of other vegan hollandaise sauce recipes use garlic powder and onion powder – […]

Vegan Crispy Polenta Rounds

A delicious savoury alternative to eggs in an vegan eggs benedict! Nothing like egg but scrumptious none the less. A delicious alternative to eggs on your vegan eggs benedict!

Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff

A rich and delicious vegan stroganoff that is extremely satisfying! Nothing better than a good strog, amirite?! My favourite thing about it is that it tastes like it has SOUR CREAM in it! This recipe also uses WHOLE MUSHROOMS for those satisfying juuuuicy mouthfuls. YUMMO!

Vegan Sticky Date Pudding

My friend Ben made SDP following a recipe from and I loved it! I’ve made it almost 10 times now and found it works just as well using gluten-free flour and with date syrup instead. Just re-sharing that same recipe here but with minor tweaks for ease.

Sweet Crispy Korean Rice Cakes and Tofu

Ooooh this one’s a good one! The rice cakes and tofu pieces are deliciously crispy and the sauce is DIVINE. Sweet, spicy, salty and it’ll leave you wanting mooooore. Eat by itself or with rice! This is basically my favourite form of tteok (Korean Rice Cakes), called tteokkochi (click here for recipe), but with less […]

Vegan Korean Street Toast (Vegan Isaac Toast)

WHAT ON EARTH IS ISAAC TOAST? Isaac Toast is a popular chain in Korea that sells next-level breakfast sandwiches with a cult following. In its most classic form, it’s essentially a ham, egg, cheese, corn, pickle and shredded cabbage sandwich. Sounds boring right? Yup. Thought so. When i first heard about Isaac Toast I was […]