Sticky Korean Rice Cakes and Tofu

Ooooh this one’s a good one! The rice cakes and tofu pieces are deliciously crispy and the sauce is DIVINE. Sweet, spicy, salty and it’ll leave you wanting mooooore. Eat by itself or with rice! This is basically my favourite form of tteok (Korean Rice Cakes), called tteokkochi (click here for recipe), but with less […]

Korean Isaac Toast

WHAT ON EARTH IS ISAAC TOAST? Isaac Toast is a popular chain in Korea that sells next-level breakfast sandwiches with a cult following. In its most classic form, it’s essentially a ham, egg, cheese, corn, pickle and shredded cabbage sandwich. Sounds boring right? Yup. Thought so. When i first heard about Isaac Toast I was […]

Dan Dan Noodles 担担面

A low waste recipe for Vegan Dan Dan Noodle brought to you by Naked Asian Grocer – a zero waste asian grocer based in Sydney. HOW COOL IS THAT. WHAT ARE DAN DAN NOODLES? Dan Dan Noodles is a dish that hails from the Sichuan province in China. You might have heard of Sichuan because […]