Vegan Peipa Tofu (Chinese Fried Tofu Ballls)

Peipa Tofu (or Pipa Tofu) is a classic Chinese dish of Fried Tofu Balls. This tofu recipe is definitely one to keep in your back pocket! It’s a crowd pleaser and is one of those recipes that might even convert the fussiest of eaters and can satisfy anyone. My version has a enoki mushroom sauce […]

Chinese Shredded Potato Stir Fry (黑椒土豆丝)

  I absolutely love this method of cooking potatoes! I distinctly remember the first time eating this as a kid and being so heckin’ mind-blown! Potato can be CRUNCHY?!! Not like crunchy fries, but the actual potato strands themselves are crunchy even though they’re cooked, and still full of potato flavour. The first time I […]

Vegan Sweet and Sour Popcorn Chicken

Vegan Sweet and Sour…. Popcorn Chick’n? Yep! A twist on a Chinese classic! I used Vegan Fried Chick’n’s Popcorn Chick’n for this recipe and it turned out AMAZING. You could definitely make the sauce and use it to coat deep fried tofu or other vegan proteins too, my advice would definitely be to choose something […]

Sticky Garlic Eggplant 红烧茄子

This is be far my favourite way to eat eggplant. It’s a Chinese dish that just happens to be vegan and it’s so mouthwateringly delicious. Deep fried and coated in an umami and slightly sweet sauce with plenty of garlicky flavour… Saucy and crispy on the outside, melty and hot on the inside! So many […]

Vegan Tomato and Egg Stir Fry

Another day, another childhood favourite. A regular in our dinner rotations. I remember Dad making this after netball training and for countless dinners after school. We called this ‘Eggy Dan Dan’ in our canglish speaking house, which literally means eggy eggs hahaha (although I’m pretty sure we shortened it down from ‘Tomato Eggy Dan Dan’). […]

Vegan San Choy Bow (生菜包)

This SCB recipe is quick and easy and makes enough to feed the whole fam. It’s fresh, it’s filling, it’s crunchy and delicious. The water chestnuts are the key ingredient to any good san choy bow, giving that signature little extra bit of crunchiness amongst the savoury mince.  For this recipe I’m using TVP but […]

Vegan Peking Duck Pancakes (春饼)

Peking Duck pancakes were a highlight of my childhood. On anyone’s birthday we’d order Peking Duck at our favourite Chinese Restaurant in Eastwood and my Dad would always save me the crispiest piece of duck. Now I’m vegan and I’m so glad that Peking Duck pancakes are not only one of the easiest things to […]

Vegan Dan Dan Noodles 担担面

A low waste recipe for Vegan Dan Dan Noodle brought to you by Naked Asian Grocer – a zero waste asian grocer based in Sydney. HOW COOL IS THAT. WHAT ARE DAN DAN NOODLES? Dan Dan Noodles is a dish that hails from the Sichuan province in China. You might have heard of Sichuan because […]